A 6-week clinical psychedelic program that pairs online therapy, coaching, preparation, & integration with a 4-day in-person medicine retreat.

At The Mission Within, we are dedicated to creating a better world in which our heroes and their families find purpose, healing, and growth through community. We believe healing the family will create a future free of veteran suicide.

We recognize that to create this new world, we need to bring the transformational effects of Ibogaine, 5-MeO-DMT & Psilocybin to the veteran community at large through proven clinical pathways.

We then complement these pathways with expert-led pre-retreat preparation & post-retreat integration activities to harness the true transformational power of these sacred medicines.

Since 2017, we have successfully provided treatment for PTSD and mTBI to almost 1,000 special operations Veterans and their spouses. Many of which present with complex cases of mTBI, PTSD, depression & anxiety. Both participants and their therapists report signi´Čücant improvement in their condition, with as many as 80% no longer meeting the diagnostic criteria for PTSD.

If you are a veteran exploring treatment solutions, please read on to learn more about our approach, our impact, our team and our process.

The Mission Within is more than just a psychedelic retreat center, it's a community of peers focused on healing and growing together.

how veterans feel about their experience and healing